Asus Zenfone AR with 23MP Camera Review (things I Liked & Did Not Like) #verizon

The Power Off Google Project Tango in your hands with a 23 megapixel Camera on the back to keep things clear. Checkout the things I Liked and the things I did not like about the device after using it for 2 weeks. I appreciate Verizon providing me this device for review. Thank you Amazon link: Verizon Link:

Samsung Gear VR 2017 Note 8 Edition with Controller Review And Game play on The Note 8

Getting the Right Gear VR is important for your Entertainment needs. Today I have for you a review of the last 3 gear VR’s on the market how they all compare to each other and work with the Note 8.

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Gear VR remote:

Gear VR 2016 with USB-C:

Gear VR 2017 edition:

Gear VR 2017 Note 8 Edition :

Best Cases for the Note 8 :

Best Deal on The Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Gear 360 2017 (Unboxing too)

Today I have for you and unboxing of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Sometimes getting the best deal may not be with your carrier, Samsung offers monthly financing and unlocked devices with great rebates. This video showcases an example of the Note 8 having a better deal from Samsung than T-Mobile.
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Jellycomb Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touch Pad Gestures Under $20 For Android/IOS/PC/MAC

​I have for you a great review of a mini thin wireless Keyboard  that has a touch pad that supports gestures and works on your windows, Mac OS as well as Android and IOS.

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lowest Price on Amazon: