Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 solutions aim to set the standard for next-generation Wi-Fi. @qualcomm #wifi7

Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi 7 solutions main points:

  • Peak speeds of over 40 Gbps can be achieved with support for 320MHz channels and 4K QAM modulation, which is a 4X increase over Wi-Fi 6E.
  • Multi-Link technology allows devices to connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks at once, combining bandwidth and improving performance across the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands.
  • An AFC solution reduces Wi-Fi network interference and improves performance in congested areas.
  • Immersive Home Platforms deliver multi-Gigabit coverage and performance in complex homes.
  • This Wi-Fi 7 platform series is designed for enterprise and commercial use. It supports high-speed, low-latency wireless backhaul for home mesh Wi-Fi and enterprise infrastructure.

Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi 7 solutions are expected to enable a wide range of new and innovative applications, such as:

  • High-resolution video conferencing and streaming
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) gaming
  • Cloud gaming
  • Better real-time collaboration
  • Massive deployments for the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Overall, Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi 7 solutions are designed to deliver the next generation of wireless performance and reliability.

HBS Multi-Link is an innovative Wi-Fi 7 technology created by Qualcomm. With this technology, devices can connect to two Wi-Fi networks operating in the 5GHz or 6GHz bands, and effectively merge the bandwidth of both networks. This results in ultra-fast speeds and significantly reduced latency. HBS Multi-Link is particularly advantageous in congested areas where multiple devices are vying for network resources.

HBS Multi-Link employs a unique setup with two separate Wi-Fi radios within the device. Each radio connects to a different Wi-Fi network, and the data streams from both radios are combined to create a faster, more efficient data stream. This feature helps to significantly improve the performance of applications requiring high bandwidth or low latency, such as online gaming, video streaming, and AR/VR.

Qualcomm’s FastConnect 7800 mobile connectivity system has a noteworthy feature in HBS Multi-Link. This advanced technology is expected to be integrated into several devices, including smartphones, PCs, and XR devices. Qualcomm has demonstrated that HBS Multi-Link can deliver peak speeds of over 50Gbps, surpassing even Wi-Fi 6E.

Discover the benefits of HBS Multi-Link, a tool that helps enhance your connectivity experience. HBS Multi-Link offers the following advantages:

– Boosted Speeds: HBS Multi-Link helps increase your internet speed by combining two Wi-Fi networks for a more efficient data transfer experience.

– Reduced Latency: By combining two Wi-Fi networks, HBS Multi-Link helps reduce latency, providing a smoother and faster data stream.

– Better Performance in Congested Environments: HBS Multi-Link helps address the issue of slow internet speed in congested environments by allowing devices to connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks and combine their bandwidth for improved performance.

HBS Multi-Link is a powerful Wi-Fi 7 technology that can significantly improve the performance of various applications.

Source: www.Qualcomm.com