Save on the Best Deals on Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ plus / S20 Ultra for pre-orders from @samungmobileus and @amazon

IMG_20200211_125244Today is the day that we have been waiting for, its Samsung Galaxy S20 pre-order day. while we may think that getting the new shiny Samsung S20 / S20 plus / S20 Ultra from our phone carries as the best deal, they are not the only options that we have.

Amazon best deal f the S20 includes free Get Free Galaxy Buds, DUO Wireless Charging Pad :

Amazon best deal f the S20+ includes Get Free Galaxy Buds, DUO Wireless Charging Pad:

Samsung Website is offering the best deals on trade in at for Samsung phones back to the S7 and Google pixel Phones and Iphones as well.  They will include up to $200 instant credit for getting your device with them. you can use that credit for additional goodies from TV’s to tables and smartwatches as well.

checkout Samsung deals here: Save 5% on your order from Samsung on select devices :

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