Samsung Unpacked is Set for February 1st 2023, and you can save up to 100$

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We are at that time of the year again with Samsung unpacked 2023. It is scheduled to be on the first of February 2023 in San Francisco, California.

Samsung is set to unveil smartphones with the lineup of the s23, s23 plus, as well as the s23 ultra. They’re also going to be launching a brand new Galaxy book referencing new designs for 2023, and then lastly they are launching as usual the reserve and save promotion

This year’s promotion is like every other year you pre-reserve and show interest in their devices and you’re able to save up to $50 on a smartphone purchase or up to $50 to a Samsung Galaxy book purchase. If you combine the two, you’re able to save as much as $100 on both and that essentially providing you $100 worth of Samsung credit to buy accessories for these devices.

This does not include any promotional or any discounted price points that are also available through Samsung purchasing programs such as educational or government programs. These are strictly just for showing interest and you get free 50 bucks for either advice or a laptop

If you’d like to reserve your next galaxy please make sure to use our affiliate link that will help the channel as well. Also, as provide you the option to save up to $100 on your next Galaxy purchase from the unpacked event on the first of February 2023


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