OPPO Find N2 Detailed Tour, Hands On – The Right Way To Fold With A Pen @oppo @colorosglobal

In this OPPO Find N2 Hands-On video, we’ll demonstrate the right way to fold with a pen. If you’re ever having trouble figuring out how to fold a piece of paper correctly, this video is for you! We’ll be going through the steps of folding a piece of paper the right way, from start to finish. This video will help you better understand how to fold a piece of paper the OPPO Find N2 way!

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OPPO INNO DAY 2022 Recap

OPPO INNO DAY 2022 was an online event this year. The Theme this year is “Empowering a Better Future.”

The event shared OPPO’s Smart Initiatives in intelligent entertainment, wise productivity, smart health, and innovative learning to deliver more innovation for good and build an inclusive and positive future for all.

  • OPPO has unveiled the first product under its OHealth brand, the OHealth H1 family health monitor, alongside its second self-developed chip, the MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC, and OPPO Air Glass 2, empowering users with brilliant living experiences.
  • Through its belief in Virtuous Innovation, OPPO will open up more possibilities to empower a better future with more partners.

You can watch the keynote through the following link: 

After the success of the self-developed dedicated imaging NPU, MariSilicon X, OPPO Announced the second member of the MariSilicon family — the MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC. One of the first SoC to use the most advanced N6RF technology, MariSilicon Y introduces a self-developed Pro Bluetooth Pack that increases the Bluetooth bandwidth by a massive 50% compared with the highest spec Bluetooth SoCs on the market.

Equipped with an exclusive URLC codec technology, a dedicated NPU with up to 590 GOPS of on-device computing power, MariSilicon Y can transmit at an unprecedented 24-bit/192kHz ultra-clear lossless audio through Bluetooth for the first time. Empowered by MariSilicon Y, users can enjoy top digital audio quality through wireless Bluetooth Audio.

The first product under its OHealth brand is the OHealth H1 family health monitor. The OHealth H1 combines six health data monitoring functions for family use into a single device, including measurement of blood oxygen, ECG, heart and lung auscultation, heart rate, body temperature, and sleep tracking. Through high-precision sensors and industry-leading health algorithms.

Unlike traditional medical equipment, the OHealth H1 is a super-light device that weighs just 95g and features an oval design. This makes it easy to take it anywhere, helping users integrate regular health measurements into their daily routines.

OPPO also demoed its Assisted Reality glass — OPPO Air Glass 2. Weighing only approximately 38g, OPPO Air Glass 2 features a super-lightweight, robust design that includes the world’s first resin SRG-diffractive waveguide lens developed by OPPO.

They will support vision correction and additional customizations, Making the new glasses almost indistinguishable from regular ones. OPPO Air Glass 2 can make phone calls, conduct real-time translation, provide location-based navigation, convert voice into text for people with hearing impairments, and provide many more smart experiences.

The new glasses are intended to demonstrate all-new possibilities in human-machine interaction and showcase OPPO’s technological explorations.

Source http://www.oppo.com